Tax-efficient returns

Holding the right structure can pay big dividends

Few assets are inherently tax-efficient. While growth in the value of oneís principal residence is not subject to capital gains tax, a home is a home and should not necessarily be viewed as an investment. Most assets, however, come with a choice of tax-efficient returns if held through the right structure.

Financial pressures faced by the UK’s three ages of retirement

Will you give a cash loan to family members instead of leaving an inheritance?

A quarter of over-75s and more than a fifth of over-55s in total (21 per cent) have given a cash loan to family members instead of leaving an inheritance, according to Aviva’s latest Real Retirement Report. The findings also show nearly one in ten over-55s regularly give money to family to avoid Inheritance Tax (8 per cent), while a further 20 per cent would do the same.

Free money

Are you switched on to the tax benefits of pensions?

Research by Standard Life reveals that more people are now aware of the tax-efficiency of pensions than a year ago. Almost 2 in 5 people (39 per cent) are aware that the Government automatically adds £1 for every £4 you invest in a pension if you are a basic rate taxpayer[1] (subject to annual limits[2]). In 2012, only 3 in 10 (29 per cent) UK adults said they knew the Government added this level of ëfreeí money to pension contributions.