Pensions lifetime allowance changes on the horizon

The countdown clock is ticking– will you be ready?
It is estimated that potentially over 360,000[1] people could be affected by the new pensions lifetime allowance (LTA) changes, according to HM Revenue & Customs (20 March 2013). If you are one of these people, you will need to act fast, and we recommend that you contact us immediately or you could miss out on the opportunity to protect yourself from an unnecessary tax charge.

Tailored investment solutions

Expert, flexible approach to accumulating and managing wealth
We provide clients with an expert, flexible approach to accumulating and managing their ealth. Understanding your financial circumstances is crucial in making sure we tailor the right investment solutions for you. Regardless of what stage of life you’re in, we can help you to protect and grow your wealth.

The changing nature of retirement

Looking for an alternative to buying an annuity?
When you want to access your pension pot, you have several choices. The right choice for you will depend on a number of different elements, such as your tax position, whether you have a partner, your attitude to risk and even your health.

Life assurance cover

Funding a potential Inheritance Tax liability

After taking the appropriate steps to put in place an Inheritance Tax planning strategy, if there is still the potential likelihood of a liability on your estate or if you have made gifts which have created a potential liability for the recipients if you die within seven years, we can help you review how you could fund this liability in the most efficient way.