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Bridging the pension generation gap

Urgency for younger generations to access improved financial education

The chasm between generations regarding retirement prospects is glaringly apparent, as 78% of individuals believe their predecessors had more favourable pension plans or brighter retirement futures. According to recent research, this data highlights a stark revelation that underscores the urgency for younger generations to access improved financial education[1].

£32 billion hole in UK savings pots

Rise in living costs forcing many people to dip into their financial reserves

The average cost of housing, food, and energy bills have increased by nearly £500 per month as of September last year compared to August 2022, according to statistics regarding the cost of living in the country[1]. This rise in living costs has forced many people to dip into their financial reserves.

Treasure trove

£26.6 billion in forgotten pensions

Did you know as many as 1 in 20 people could have a pension they didn’t think they had? Could that be you? It’s estimated £26.6 billion is currently trapped in forgotten pensions, averaging about £9,500 each[1].

Time to consider your financial resolutions?

Plan your financial blueprint for 2024 and beyond

As we usher in 2024, it’s time to consider our financial resolutions. Many of us set New Year’s objectives, yet how many of us actually attain these goals? We all harbour unique financial dreams and aspirations, which may sometimes feel unattainable. In the intricate world of finance, the path to your financial objectives might not be as straightforward as you’d like. This is where the essence of financial planning comes into play.

Financial goals are not one-size-fits-all

Shaping your future financial security and independence

We make countless choices on our unique journeys through life that shape our future financial security and independence. Some of our most significant decisions involve finances – planning for early retirement, purchasing a property, or saving for your child’s education. These financial goals represent our personal priorities and targets for spending, saving, and investing our money.

Money management

One of the most critical challenges many families grapple with today

The escalating cost of living is one of the most critical challenges many families grapple with today. A significant surge in the prices of food, energy, fuel, and other necessities has struck in recent months. Consequently, households are wrestling to balance their budgets, with the mounting expenses putting considerable strain on their finances.