Its good to talk

Don’t leave tricky money conversations hanging in the air this New Year

The Family Financial Tree report from Standard Life looked at the family money tree over four generations and makes some surprising findings. It reveals how families collectively manage and have talked about their personal finances. Continue reading

Desperately Seeking income

Yields have dropped across the asset classes, except
for equities

He may only have been in the job for just over six months, but Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, has already signalled his intention to do things differently and this is most noticeable in his concept of ‘forward guidance’. Continue reading

Will you be affected by the impending new lifetime allowance limit changes

Thousands of pension savers could be impacted by unless they act swiftly

If you are making high levels of pension contributions you will need to obtain professional financial advice to make sure that you know whether you will be affected by the impending new lifetime allowance (LTA) limit changes. Thousands of pension savers could be impacted by the forthcoming changes unless they act swiftly. Continue reading

Will you enjoy your retirement?

How to improve your golden years no matter what your current stage of life

Retirement may seem a long way off for you at the moment but that doesn’t mean you should forget about it. Consider our tips, which could help you increase your retirement income – no matter what your current stage of life – and pursue the retirement you envision. Continue reading

What to consider if you are approaching your retirement

Sooner or later we will retire, and the decisions we make today are the ones that will determine the standard of living we will enjoy in the future. If you are approaching your retirement there are some very important choices you need to make that will determine how much income you live on once retired. Continue reading

Self-Invested Personal Pensions

If appropriate to your particular situation, a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) could be another option to consider if you require the flexibility to choose where your pension money is invested. SIPPs are now also open to people of lower incomes – not just those with commercial property. Continue reading

Minimising potential taxes and duties on your death


As your wealth grows, it is inevitable that your estate becomes more complex. Money saved via a pension can be passed on to a loved one, usually outside their estate and free of any death tax, provided the pension fund has not been touched and they die before age 75. People fortunate enough not to need immediate access to their personal pension may therefore decide not to touch those savings for as long as possible. Continue reading

Enjoy the time of your life


Retirement planning involves thinking about your plans for the future now – that means investing your money with the aim of maximising its value ready for when you retire.  Careful financial planning, the right mix of assets and starting sooner rather than later could all help lead to the retirement you are looking for. Many years ago the traditional view of saving for retirement was to simply put your money into a pension, with few decisions to make in the run-up to your retirement date and no choice over how the pension was taken. Continue reading